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Making the Island of Gods your permanent home

For many people, Bali is a place of longing and a holiday getaway. But more and more people chose to make the island their permanent home. In fact, even during COVID-19 time, the island is full with artists, digital nomads and also expats who either moved their workplace to Bali or who commute between Jakarta and Bali. Besides that, many retirees chose Bali as their tropical home.

Besides living in probably one of the most beautiful places our planet has to offer, there are several Bali specific plus points:

International lifestyle:

Being a tourist destination for many years, Bali has become a melting pot of many different nationalities. This also becomes visible in the enormous variety of restaurants, boutiques, shops, and supermarkets.


Bali offers a big variety of excellent international hospitals and doctors, like the Siloam Hospital in Denpasar or the BIMC Group that has hospitals in Ubud, Kuta and Nusa Dua. Also, more and more international schools opened all over Bali: Bali Island School in Sanur on the western side of Bali was the first international school located in Bali and is probably the most established international school on the island. Besides that there is the famous Green School in Ubud (central Bali), Australian International School (AIS) which opened its Bali dependency in the city’s capital Denpasar, and Canggu Community School which is located in Canggu, currently the most favourite area for expats. Tucked away in Kerobokan, located between Canggu and Denpasar is the French School, Lycée Français de Bali. And this list of international schools is not even complete. If moving to Bali is an option, you can be pretty sure that you will find the school that meets the needs of your kids perfectly.

Living costs:

Living an international lifestyle can come with significant lower costs in Bali compared with the country’s capital Jakarta. Restaurants, Cafes, international supermarkets: On average you will get more value for your money in Bali. Also, rental costs and costs for buying a property are lower in Bali than in Jakarta.

Of course, moving to Bali is not a decision that you would do over night and within the snap of your finger. There are many things you will have to consider, especially if you are considering moving here from another country.

To support you the best with anything related to your move (visa, legal advice on buying property, finding your perfect home in Bali) we have partnered up with BVR Property.

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