House Audit

Safety measures in Indonesia can occasionally be irregular or poorly implemented, and the house you choose to rent may not at first meet the standards you would expect back home. To avoid issues arising during the course of your tenancy, EMC Relocations can help arrange an audit before any paperwork or payments are processed. Inspections usually look at wiring, structural and other electrical issues, and should anything arise we can have this fixed before you even move in. This will protect you and your family and hopefully avoid any headaches.

We will do an all-round house audit, starting from the basement to the rooftop. Some of the most important points of a house safety audit are:

Smoke Alarms

There should be at least one smoke alarm in every room and it is better if all of them are interconnected. That way, if even only one smoke alarm rang, the others would also ring. The smoke alarms must be cleaned up, tested, and the batteries changed. Also, it is highly advisable to replace the smoke alarms every 10 years.

Kitchen Safety

All kitchens have high risks of fire hazards. Having a portable fire extinguisher is a must in order to handle small fires. You must always check the pressure gauge once a month and make sure that the pin and tamper seal are intact. Also, regular and routine inspection to see if there’s dent, leak, or rusty spots on the fire extinguisher are advised.

Poison Hazard

For those who usually drink tap water back home, it’s important to mention that the tap water in Indonesia is not drinkable. Unless a special filter has been installed, most people will buy water gallons from reputable companies – also an important choice to make. There are many other materials that hold risks of poison. The kitchen, garage, and bathroom all have materials that are poisonous if not treated carefully. Our House Audit will ensure that all toxic products are out of your children’s reach.

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