Kemang is perfect for those who want both: excitement and comfort in life

Kemang is a quirky, character-filled and colourful area of South Jakarta. It is heavily populated with expatriates and a popular, desirable residential area. There is an abundance of well-known and reputable restaurants, cafés, bars and shops here, along with all the major supermarkets in close range.

Kemang contains a range of houses, compounds and apartments and has a rather ‘village-y,’ community feel to it, especially with all the major women associations nearby (the British, Australian, New Zealanders, American, and more). The Kemang Dalam area is charming, wide streets with spacious houses. You often see people walking, running, pushing prams or walking their dogs here. A lovely outdoor playground is tucked away in this network of streets.

International schools in the Kemang area

Kemang is also home to several international schools such as Australian Independent School (AIS), Academic Colleges Group (ACG), and New Zealand Intercultural School (NZIS). Other international schools are also accessible from Kemang, usually via school bus. We can advise on this as part of our School Search services.


There is also Lippo Mall Kemang which contains many of the major stores and amenities familiar to expatriates, plus a gym and cinema. There are also plenty of reputable salons and spas in Kemang.

One thing you should consider

Travel to other areas of Jakarta from Kemang varies wildly depending on the time of day, the weather, and just about anything else Jakarta’s streets throw up. It is not so much a question of distance as of time consumed. To give you an idea, 8 km can take ten minutes on a quiet Sunday, but up to an hour on Monday morning. But don’t let that put you off the area. Many expats choose Kemang for its facilities and communities, despite its unpredictable traffic. It can be a haven amongst the chaos, and it truly has something for everyone – particularly families, but also buzzing nightlife for those without.

Average costs

You have to calculate a rental fee of minimum of USD 2.000/month. Prices can go up to USD 6.000/month

We have put together a list of apartment buildings, compounds and areas with private houses together below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information and more options.

Apartment buildings in Kemang:
  • Kemang Village Residences: Attached to Lippo Mall Kemang, this new apartment building is located at the edge of Kemang with direct access to many restaurants, shops and supermarkets and with direct access to Jalan Antasari, one of the main roads connecting Kemang with other parts of the city.
  • Apartment Nirvana Kemang: This apartment building is located on Kemang Raya, Kemang’s main road. Many restaurants, supermarkets and shops are in walking distance, as well as the New Zealand Intercultural School.
  • Kemang Jaya Apartment: This rather old apartment building is situated in the southern part of Kemang, inside a lush and green compound.
Compounds in Kemang:
  • Kemang Club Villas: This green compound is located in the center of Kemang and in walking distance to Hero Kemang, one of the international supermarkets. It offers a big selection of facilities including a gym, tennis, courts, pools and a clubhouse. Many expat families decide for this compound as it is located in a nice neighborhood and it provides spacious common areas. The houses are rather small though and the whole compound is one of the older ones. Dogs are allowed.
  • There is a selection of smaller compounds available in Kemang Dalam, each of them combining a smaller number of houses. The houses are usually built in a townhouse style and are equipped with the standard 4 bedrooms plus study and a private pool. They usually share a bigger courtyard, but none of them is equipped with facilities like Kemang Club Villas.
  • Lembong compounds: Lembong compounds is a compound on the outskirts of Kemang. It’s more a collection of free standing houses than a typical compound with green areas and common playground facilities.
Freestanding houses in Kemang:

The best area to look for a freestanding house in Kemang is Kemang Dalam, the center of Kemang. In this area the streets are quiet and lined by houses with big lush gardens and private pools. This area is popular with expats since centuries so some of the houses are already older but recently more and more houses get replaced by new ones.

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