Esti understands the market well
My wife and I worked with Esti to relocate to Jakarta and find a home. The process was very smooth and simple. We did most of the discussion remotely while we were still abroad and came straight to the new place upon our arrival. With 2 little children that was super comfortable. Esti understands the market well, knows all the good houses and goes out of her way to accommodate requests. She managed to get us many upgrades to the house and link us with various service providers. Above all Esti is very responsible, nice and honest. We highly recommend her.
by Wael Mansour
The best realtor I have worked with
I am grateful to Esti and her team at EMC for helping me find the perfect home. Her team is keen and proactive in finding the perfect place based on my requirements and budget. I am also impressed with their very detailed approach end to end from showing me a variety of apartments, contract drafting, rent negotiations with the management and ensuring the home is in great shape when I moved in. This is the best realtor I have worked with. Good job and thank you.
by Kah Jing
EMC made our transition to Jakarta smooth
Having recently moved our family to Jakarta from Sydney, we first met Esti and the EMC Relocations team in October 2019 for our familiarity trip, to look at houses and schools. Esti and her team were extremely knowledgeable and helped us find the perfect home in the perfect location, making our transition to Jakarta painless and smooth. Once we arrived the service and support of the EMC team continued well beyond our expectation, and we truly appreciate how much Esti and the team care, and have assisted us to settle in. The MacKinnon’s thank you!
by Katrice and Luke Mackinnon
Esti will always have your best interest in mind
Jakarta is different from the norms westerners are used to, and Esti is the perfect adviser. Esti has an energy that is rare. She is just as energetic showing the last house of the day as the first house. Additionally, she adeptly uses your “must haves” and your “wish list” so you don’t waste time. She really loves helping people find their oasis. She is honest about the good and the bad of each house. Her biggest asset is her connectedness to the rental market. In Jakarta, you pay all of your rental fees up front. So, the landlord doesn’t have much incentive to fix broken things. Esti knows who owns which house and their reputation. Esti is the only person that I would ever use to help navigate the Jakarta house market. She is the perfect advocate and will always have your best interest in mind.
by Allison and Dave Fry
Best relocation consultants in Jakarta
Yesterday, I have received the visit of the best Relocation Consultant in Jakarta. Esti is a mind reader, a person that can feel your taste, discover your ultimate needs for a living place and offer you the most adequate option within the area. It’s the expats’ choice to live in a comfortable house or to have an incredible experience while living in a new country. If you are a nonconformist my recommendation is to contact Esti McMillan at EMC Indonesia. Thank you for the lovely flowers ✿❤!
by Antonella Pedetti
With Esti we found our house immediately
Searching a home in a new country is always a daunting task. Luckily, we met with Esti McMillan who took us through our look-see around Jakarta. Thanks to our pre-trip communication, Esti knew in advance our requirements and budget. This means that when we arrived, we found our home immediately. Esti understands her customers' needs and is able to match the requirements. Esti has a focused approach and knows the Jakarta real estate market well. She was able to negotiate well with the landlord, always with our interests in mind, including highlighting some points in the contract that we had not thought of. Although it was not part of her mission's scope, she helped us with providing information such as bank accounts, furniture shops, contacts with local service providers, etc. I definitely recommend the services of EMC to any new expat arriving in Jakarta.
by Cecile Collineau
Highly recommended
Esti was our consultant when we moved to Jakarta. She knew exactly what we wanted and needed. We rented the first house she showed us, where we happily lived for four years. Prior to meeting her, another relocation consultant showed us many houses that did not fit our needs. Esti also introduced me to people who became my friends. She is extremely knowledgeable about the market, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Esti to any client looking for a home in Jakarta.
by Maria Christina Obordo
Esti know what you are looking for
I couldn't recommend Esti McMillan and EMC Relocations more when it comes to identifying and negotiating expat housing in Jakarta. Esti is charming to deal with and has an intimate knowledge of the neighbourhoods, amenities, advantages and potential pitfalls of all the expat areas in the city. I was recommended Esti by several colleagues. She was quick to respond to my enquiry and flexible on meeting and viewing times. What most impressed me was how quickly she recognized the type of accommodation we were seeking. She found the perfect property for us - in terms of the building, garden, price, amenities and access to schools, supermarkets and so forth - having viewed a mere handful of properties. Esti worked hard to reach an agreement with the owner that was acceptable to my firm's conditions. I highly recommend Esti to anyone seeking a property in Jakarta. Thanks Esti!
by Tom Weaver
DAI Fleming Fund Country Grant to Indonesia
Esti knows her job
We moved to Jakarta two years ago and were looking for a house in Pondok Indah. We rented a house for two years, but we had to move out earlier and were looking at the market again. That’s when we met Esti McMillan. It worked out right from the beginning. She recommended to us a house in Cilandak, right at the outside wall of JIS, where our kids are attending school. The landlord agreed to almost all our requirements since Esti was doing her job right. Now after two months living in the new house, we think we should have met Esti two years ago already. That would have saved us a lot of stress. We really recommend her services. She is a very kind and thoughtful consultant who knows her job and she has loads of experience. Thank you, Esti!
by Ralf Woessner
German Embassy Jakarta
Most fantastic relocation consultant
Esti has been the most fantastic housing and relocation consultant. She went out of her way to show me suitable properties and all within the remit provided. She took great care to cater for the tastes I wanted and showed me a variety with her thoughts and recommendations. Esti spent several weekends showing me repeat viewings, to be sure of the right house and she found me the perfect one. She was also super helpful knowing all the local areas, recommending shops and roads access and types of districts. After I moved in she took care to help with liaison with the owner, also with facilities, furnishings, curtains and wifi. She also followed up with offers of coffee chats to ensure I had settled well. I would highly recommend Esti to help anyone find the perfect home - she is knowledgeable, hard working, caring and very experienced.
by Rachel Stack
Matahari Group
Pure professionalism
Upon finding out we were moving to Jakarta, I did what all expats do - look for recommendations on Facebook. I lost count of the number of people who recommended Esti and EMC. I now know why. Almost immediately she lined up a number of properties for us to view and was able to give me in-depth explanations as to the pros and cons of each area and their proximity to schools and my husband’s place of work. She negotiated a good price with the landlord and ensured the property was up to standard when we moved in. I can’t fault her service in the slightest and even now, I often tap into her fountain of Jakarta knowledge. Moving during a pandemic felt impossible at times but it was made all the more smoother by Esti’s professionalism. I happily recommend EMC Relocations to anyone moving to Jakarta.
by Juita Mcevoy
We chose the first house Esti showed us
When we arrived in Jakarta I was in contact with a number of real estate agents but Esti immediately stood out because of her attentiveness and understanding our needs and preferences. When it came to viewing houses she was extremely efficient and had lined up a small number of properties she had carefully selected for us. In fact we chose the first one she showed us! Not only did she take the time to get to know us, adding an all-important personal touch, but she was an outstanding intermediary with the landlord and checked in regularly during and after the contracting process to make sure we were happy with the works on the house. She is extremely well connected and knows what is available, and will make sure a fair deal is obtained. I would highly recommend Esti to any expats looking for quality accommodation in Jakarta.
by Joel Scriven
Esti is always approachable
We first met Esti when we were in town for a 'look-see'. We were impressed how responsive she was, when we were not even clients yet! When we moved to Jakarta, we commenced looking for a place independently. After not finding what we were looking for, we got back in touch with Esti. She responded immediately. Esti showed us one house and it was the perfect one in the perfect location! Esti was able to facilitate the negotiations and had some great suggestions for local decor companies. The Jakarta housing market is based on relationships and not all realtors have access to the same properties. Esti is at the top of her game. Her contacts are impressive and she is perfectly placed to find you your perfect home away from home. I know Esti will be happy to assist with any unexpected issues with the property.
by Ambre Morris
Professional, practical wonderful
The luckiest thing that happened to us when we were moving to Jakarta was finding Esti. Esti is so professional, practical, wonderful and knows everyone and everywhere in Jakarta. At least that’s how it felt! Our company had engaged another relocation company but we insisted on engaging Esti as we just trusted her judgement. What Esti does not know about resettling in Jakarta is not worth knowing. She is a mum and knows what the family might need or want. She thinks of everything and is very positive, candid and realistic about various situations that are peculiar to life in Jakarta. She is warm, approachable and, very importantly, accessible, always returning our calls and prompt and proactive. I hope many other families embarking on the adventure of an assignment in Jakarta are lucky enough to have Esti’s help and guidance.
by Barat Alva
PT Telkomsel
Highly recommended
I highly recommend EMC Relocations and Esti McMillan who assisted us with our house-search during our recent move to Jakarta. EMC have deep experience and knowledge of the expat housing market, especially in South Jakarta. In some instances, they were even able to put us in touch with previous tenants, or with neighbours, for a second opinion on houses, complexes and areas. EMC quickly understood our requirements and eliminated unsuitable housing from our search pool, which helped us focus our search and save time. EMC not only assisted us with house search and landlord negotiations, but also had a wealth of other advice which helped us settle in, including for example tips on schooling, shopping and suitable sub-contractors. I found EMC to be energetic, well-connected, responsive, professional and honest.
by Rory Lavery
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