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Kuningan may not be the perfect place to live a family – but it might be perfect for those who are looking for fun and entertainment. Kuningan is located in the famous Golden Triangle, an area famous for its business as well as nightlife. Business, lifestyle, shopping amusement, entertainment, nightlife: You will find it all there.

Average rental costs

Rental fees in Kuningan usually range between USD 3.500 and 8.000 per month. We have put together a list of housing options together below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information and more options.

Apartment buildings in Kuningan:
  • Verde 1 and Verde 2: Luxury apartment buildings popular with expatriates. Easy access to malls, supermarkets and restaurants.
  • Skygarden Apartment: Part of Fraser group development, located in the vicinity of many offices and embassies.
  • Fraser Residence/The Peak: Situated between Sudirman and Kuningan. Favorite location for many embassies staff and expats working in the CBD area.
  • Anandamaya Apartment: New upscale apartment building.

The ones mentioned above are just a selection – there are more apartment buildings available in the Kuningan area. Just check in with EMC for more information.

Compounds in Kuningan:
  • There are not the sorts of family friendly compounds available in Kuningan. However, in the Patra Jasa area you will find a few semi compound housings. In the past, many ambassadors used to live in the Patra Jasa area. Most of the houses in these compounds are owned by Pertamina (Government owned oil company). The area lost a bit of its charme several years ago, but many of the old houses are being refurbished at the moment so the area will gain attraction again.
Freestanding houses in Kuningan:
  • There are also a number of privately owned stand alone houses available in the Patra Jasa area.
  • In the Mega Kuningan area, there is a limited number of houses available. However, some of them are either old or very expensive.
Serviced apartments in Kuningan:
  • Oakwood and Ascot offer good apartment options in Kuningan.
  • For families arriving with pets, Fraser Residence is the best choice as pets are allowed in the service apartments.

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