Orientation Programmes

EMC Relocations provides orientation programme services for expats to learn the ‘Jakarta way of life’. As one of the most…

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School Search

There are many things to consider before you decide for a school for your kids – location, facilities and, most important…

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Home Search2

Home Search

Relocating to a new area is as exciting as it is terrifying. The first thought most of us have when relocating is ‘Where will we…

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Settling In

Settling-in Service

After the frenzy of moving, finding a house and choosing a school, you will need some help to do all the little bits of admin that…

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House Audit 5

House Audit

Safety measures in Indonesia can occasionally be irregular or poorly implemented, and the house you choose…

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Home Styling & Interior Design

At EMC Relocations, we are passionate about getting you settled into the house of your dreams. It can be great fun…

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Furniture Rental

Making a home means making a comfortable living space. Many things contribute to this, from house layout…

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Immigration Services

EMC Relocations can take one more source of stress out of your move by handling your visa arrangements and other services…

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Cross Cultural Training

Adjusting to living in any new culture is always a challenge – but it presents a fantastic opportunity to learn about…

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Payroll and tax income service

Some of our clients are running their own business in Indonesia. Payroll and tax matters are pretty complicated in…

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