Cilandak offers standalone houses and compounds. Here you get better value for money

This is an area that, with good traffic, can get you anywhere due to the toll road nearby. Sitting north of the toll road, traffic into and out of the city from here can be avoided. Accessing the toll roads is also much easier and quicker than from Kemang. Jakarta’s famous areas such as Lebak Bulus, Fatmawati, and Kemang are in close range.

Somewhat low-key but ideal for getting around in Jakarta

Cilandak has mostly stand-alone houses and compounds. Here you get better value for money, with large homes and good-sized gardens. However, living in Cilandak could leave you feeling a little separated from the expat community, which is spread out.

Shopping and entertainment

The mall in this area, Cilandak Town Square (CITOS) houses some good shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, a gym, and a cinema – perhaps only slightly less familiar brand names for the expats here. Most people come to CITOS to have business meetings or hangout with friends in those cafes.

Average rental costs

Regarding costs, Cilandak and Cipete are in the same level: rental fees range from USD 2.000 up to USD 6.000.

We have put together a list of apartment buildings, compounds and areas with private houses together below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information and more options.

Apartment buildings in Cilandak:

There are not many high end apartment buildings in Cilandak, mostly older apartments. But some new development projects have just started, like South Quarter Apartments.

  • Bumimas Apartments: A bit older already, popular mainly with Japanese expats. There is a Japanese supermarket located next to it.
  • Hampton Apartments: Mid range type apartment, located in walking distance to JIS
Compounds in Cilandak:
  • Executive Paradise & Astoria: These are basically two compounds connected to each other. This means: There is a lot of space. When you walk out of the compound, the neighborhood doesn’t appear very appealing. But: you are on the toll road in a few minutes only. Therefore, both compounds are a good option for families with kids attending JIS or even British School. From the back gate of Astoria, you can walk to Nord Anglia School (NAS).
  • Cilandak Tengah II compound of Lembong: Located in Jalan Cilandak Tengah just behind Cilandak Town Square, this compound is popular with expats as it is very close to the toll road, which is perfect for expat families with children going to BSJ, JIS. The French International School is also easily reachable.
  • Atmaya Compound: Atmaya is the only high end compound in South Jakarta. It is smaller than Executive Paradise, but the compound facilities are very well designed. There are houses, townhouses and low rise apartments available.
Freestanding houses in Cilandak:

Cilandak is quite wide spread and divided by the toll road. The north part of Cilandak is preferred by expats compared to the south (Lebak Bulus).

Cilandak has a lot of stand alone houses with layouts on offer. You can find tropical style houses as well as classic elegance and most houses are equipped with a big garden.

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