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The Lowdown on Real Estate in Jakarta

 By Carrie CrozierYou've seen testimonials and client reviews for EMC Relocations and are very likely aware of the core philosophy of their business to provide a boutique service that meets the client's unique needs. No cookie-cutter real estate here!But beyond that, what does real estate in Jakarta look like? Is it the same as in some other major cities? I think you'll be surprised at the answer!Agent...

Things you need to know before moving to Jakarta as an expat

Jakarta is for sure one thing: A very special cosmos to live in. This sprawling, chaotic, never sleeping city offers many obstacles and difficulties to deal with – but you can also find your perfect tropical, cozy home here. Moving to Jakarta can become a wonderful experience with many cultural impressions and new friends and acquaintances from all over the world for you and your family, if you are aware of a few things.

Living in Jakarta. Let the Big Durian become your home, sweet home

For many people who move to Jakarta, the city wasn’t the first one on the wishlist to move to. Bad air quality, horrendous traffic chaos, a public transport system that doesn’t exist, floodings, power cuts, almost unbearable heat waves once the yearly rain has stopped and little infrastructure.I was born in Indonesia and I am an Indonesian citizen, but I have spent big parts of my life in other...

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