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Moving to Jakarta and skeptical about healthcare? Worried about whom to approach; the quality of medical facilities available and who will have your back when it comes to an emergency ?

When living in Indonesia, there are three major issues you could come across: infectious diseases, non infectious diseases, accidents and injuries. And of course those unforeseen circumstances that require the help of a medical professional. Infectious diseases which are food borne, air carried or even body fluid transmitted are very prevalent in this tropical country. Instances of diseases Travelers Diarrhea, Typhoid Fever, Hepatitis A, Japanese Encephalitis, Chikugunya and Dengue are common and widespread.

To enable you to stay safe in Indonesia, there are several hospitals and clinics which provide world class medical care and facilities.

They boast of specialists in various fields ranging from Orthopedics to autoimmune diseases. These hospitals are equipped with state of the art technology, expertise in the form of medical professionals and homely post-care.

To name a few which have proven over the years, that patient satisfaction is at the top of their achievements, are:

1. Good Practice Clinic 

GPC is a partner of CIGNA, Allianz worldwide, GBG, MetLife and a range of other medical insurance plans through a tie up with Admedika, Blue Dot and Helix.

With a team affluent in the English language, be rest assured that Good Practice Clinic will cater to your needs . To ensure a 24/7 access to medical care, one would need to register and sign up for the Good Practice membership program. The clinic also has medical professionals with expertise in handling health concerns of every age group from – from a newborn to an elderly.

An in-house laboratory which has close ties with AB, CITO and Innoquest ( Singapore) labs, and remote tele-consultations are other services that Good Practice offer to their clients.

2. SOS clinic

Established more than 30 years ago, SOS clinic is one of the first clinics any expat is advised to visit for a medical concern. With a team that consists of 5,200 medical professionals, 27 assistance centers, 200 security specialists, 650 remote and workplace sites and 91,800 audited providers who speak more than 99 languages, SOS clinches unrivaled local knowledge and experience via their unique assistance centre ( ISO90001 : 2008 accredited ). They even have training courses which includes- Duty of Care training, ISO 31030:2021 Training, Crisis Management Response Training, amongst others. It manages two primary care clinics in Jakarta ( Cipete and Kuningan ) and one in Bali ( which are all ISO9009:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO27701 AND ISO 27001 accredited) with high standard facilities and stand-by emergency units with a dedicated ambulance to provide 24/7 medical care.

3. Siloam Hospital

This is Indonesia’s most progressive and innovative health care provider that has set the bench mark for quality healthcare services in Indonesia.

Siloam’s medical care boasts of more than 500 general practitioners, 2200 specialists doctors and 9000 nurses , allied health and support staff. Siloam’s strategy allows its hospitals to work at a lower priced module hence allowing affordability for all socio economic backgrounds all over Indonesia.

The SILOAM AT HOME program caters to a wide spectrum of needs which includes -medical rehabilitation, lab tests and medical check ups, vaccinations for kids and adults, maternity, post surgery & cancer care, nursing care, COVID related care and also has a healthy catering homecare program.

4. RSPI (Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah) Group:

This hospital conglomerate is well known amongst the expatriate community. With branches in Pondok Indah, Bintaro and Puri has unparalleled reach amongst all sections of society. They have centers of excellence, consisting of specialized clinics for various

This includes- the Jakarta spine clinic, the IVF clinic, Orthopedic Centre, the Jakarta Knee and Shoulder Orthopedic Sport Centre, the Skin and Aesthetic clinic, the Women and Fetal Diagnostic Centre. The RSPI group also has tie ups and recognizes insurance from a wide number of insurance companies which includes Allianz, AXA, Admedika, BPJS ketenagakerjaan ( the local government health program ).

Thanks to these hospitals and clinics, we in Indonesia have access to quality and timely medical care.


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