Tips for Jakarta

The Lowdown on Real Estate in Jakarta

 By Carrie CrozierYou've seen testimonials and client reviews for EMC Relocations and are very likely aware of the core philosophy of their business to provide a boutique service that meets the client's unique needs. No cookie-cutter real estate here!But beyond that, what does real estate in Jakarta look like? Is it the same as in some other major cities? I think you'll be surprised at the answer!Agent...

First Impressions of Jakarta

By Carrie CrozierExpats in Jakarta come from all over the world and I’m sure everyone has some hilarious stories or first impressions of when they arrived in Jakarta. We moved here a little over a year ago, after living 5 years in Wisconsin, USA – a place I can’t imagine being any more opposite to Jakarta! What surprises me the most now is how quickly these “crazy” things that make you gawk at...

Getting settled in Jakarta. Things you need to know as a newbie

Jakarta is not exactly an easy city, we all know that. The traffic, the bad air, the blistering heat can be overwhelming. But: If you know the right resources and tips you will find your home far away from home in this city, we promise. We have put together a few starter kit information for you that will help you getting settled in Jakarta - and some of them might even be interesting for people who live here for a longer time already.

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